Lawn Care Technician

If you enjoy being outdoors and getting great exercise, or like meeting with new people who appreciate what you do for them.

Then you may be interested in a future with Superior Lawn Care as a Turf Grass Professional.

No Experience Necessary

Apply Now

Please Call 724-257-1200 to inquire about the position and answer a few initial questions to be considered or fill out the online application and email your resume to be considered.  

Why Superior? – Your Career and Training

We are a seasoned and stable company that supports the growth of its employees. We want to see you succeed; we know that when our employees are happy our customers are happy. We have been a local industry leader in technology, employee training, and customer service. We feel we can offer employees not just a job but a career. We offer structured reviews with a designated pay increase scale based on known factors of your experience and how you perform. So you never feel that you are a number, forgotten, or underappreciated. As you advance in your career you will have opportunity to become a specialist, a sales manager, or part of our management team.

Our Size – Not too Big Not too Small

We also believe we are the right sized family company, not too big that we treat you like a number or a hamster on a treadmill, and not too small that you don’t have anywhere to advance without any structure in place. Being a family business since 1981 we value family, and we value work / life balance.