Do we have the “BEST of the BEST”
consumer pyrotechnics?

Our purchasers spend all year witnessing fireworks from many different
suppliers & manufacturers. Only the the most dazzling fireworks
from each are brought to you!

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Freebies opened in the stellar year of 1986.

We want to be your traditional visit for that special event in your life. Whether it
is for a National Holiday, Birthday, Commencement, Wedding, Religious Holiday, Groundhog’s Day, or just because you like color, sound, thrilling sky art, amazing physics, feeling alive, or just want to celebrate life! Spend a little or spend a lot!
Just remember, the more you buy the more you get free!

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If you are looking for some awesome fireworks,
this place has a great selection.

The friendly staff was helpful and attentive.

Misty Lee

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